My Sunday Prayer Time

This morning I did my usual. Every day I read several chapters of the Bible and one chapter from Proverbs. Most days I do more, but on Sundays I do that and focus on praying for the service at our church, the Bible study classes, and for our pastor and staff.

This morning was different in one way. I was impatient with God. We’ve been waiting on God for an answer to prayer for some time now, and this week, I had grown tired of waiting. So I started my prayer, “It’s Sunday, Lord, and nothing has changed since last Sunday.” It wasn’t long after those words passed through my mind that a couple of questions popped into my mind. “Have YOU grown more like Christ this week? Have YOU drawn nearer to God?”

Romans 8:29 states that God’s purpose is to conform believers to the image Christ. All things—even waiting for God to answer prayer—work toward good according to that purpose. (Romans 8:28) So, if nothing has changed, it is not God’s fault. It is a failure on my part to accept His purpose, to submit myself to Him, and to be transformed by the Spirit’s work through God’s Word that I spend time in each day.

God answered my prayer of complaint, though that is more than I deserved. Because He did, I am reminded what to do as I wait for His response to my other one. I hope that my experience will help others who also find themselves waiting.


Author: RLJ

Hi. My name is Randy Jackson. I hope what I write helps you to grow in your relationship with God and to think more deeply about the things of God.

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