Review of 10:10: Life to the Fullest by Daniel Hill

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for review purposes. I am under no obligation to give a good review.

Like many books on discipleship and spiritual 10:10 Life to the Fullest by Daniel Hill promises help in breaking down barriers and unlocking the door to an abundant life in Christ. And like many of those books, it has some good points that are helpful. Still, overall, I cannot give this book an unqualified endorsement.

Strengths of the Book

The strongest point in the book is the model of understanding faith that serves as the structure of the book. Hill calls this model, “Faith in 3D.” The three dimensions are Faith and Fear, Faith and Intimacy, and Faith and Mission. His point is that our faith grows as we face fears and obey God anyway, as we grow more intimate with God, and as we carry out God’s mission for our lives. The result of living faith out in these dimensions is abundant life. Overall, this idea is well though out by Hill. He explains it well, but I am not sure that it serves as the key for everyone who is trying to live an abundant life.

Obviously, it worked for Hill. His integrity is another strength of the book. He is a man who is living out what he teaches. How he has obediently followed God for the corporate world to a place of ministry in the inner city is impressive. His writing is strongest as he describes the personal experiences and events that have happened as he lived out faith in these three dimensions.

Weaknesses of the Book

One weakness in the book is the speculative way Hill interpreted Scripture. He assumed things not explicitly stated in the text that would support his conclusion. For example, in the section on Faith and Fear, he says that a reason that the rich young ruler turned away from following Jesus was fear. The Bible does not say that. However, Hill makes that passage one of his key arguments. In a similar way, Hill takes Paul’s admonition to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:16 (“Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers.” in the ESV) as a command to be emotionally aware. There is nothing in the context to suggest that Paul’s concern is emotional awareness.

Another weakness is that Hill fails to tie the ideas in his book all together. He begins with John 10:10 but never returns to it. In the end, I believe he made several important points, but failed to connect them back to the idea of an abundant life.

Also, Hill refers to the command, “Do not fear”, as The Great Command. The greatest commands according to Jesus are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, and soul, and to love our neighbors as our self.

Overall Evaluation

There are many good ideas in this book that can help a person to grow spiritually. His Faith in 3D model is useful. I believe that this is a good book for a minister and a disciple maker to have. It has some tools that can help someone help others. However, I hesitate to hand it to just anyone to read. The interpretation of Scripture is speculative in places. It is not a model of interpretation that I would want to encourage someone to use.


Author: RLJ

Hi. My name is Randy Jackson. I hope what I write helps you to grow in your relationship with God and to think more deeply about the things of God.

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